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About Us

Where expertise meets passion.

Our visionary team is dedicated to guiding you toward unparalleled success.

The Story of Alor

Alor was born from the visionary drive of Rola, a remarkable woman whose diverse background and unwavering tenacity have propelled her to exceptional career heights. From an early age, Rola believed that knowledge is power and that education is as essential as oxygen to the brain. To her, education is the key to eternal youth. 


Rola's journey has been shaped by her strong advocacy for human values and her natural ability to connect with others. She has inspired many through her resilience in the face of hardship and her unwavering commitment to speaking the truth. Through the peaks and troughs of her life, Rola has come to appreciate failure as simply "not yet there," and she champions the importance of continuous improvement—incremental yet consistent.


Throughout her career, Rola has met world leaders and made them feel at ease, even while grilling them for information. She once raced the late King Hussein of Jordan in a hill-climbing race and interviewed Shimon Peres at his home, defying expectations despite her background. Yet, Rola also finds profound inspiration in the remarkable everyday people who go unnoticed while looking after us all. She calls them the heroes of our world—the unsung heroes. Rola's belief in the power of community, her "little global community" of great minds, guts, and generosity of spirit, is at the heart of Alor's mission. 

Frustrated by the traditional training industry, Rola decided to differentiate Alor with a unique approach: valuing people as the greatest asset, both employees and clients. Alor stands as a beacon of excellence, where passion meets expertise, and where we empower and up-skill professionals to reach their peak potential. 


At Alor, we believe in celebrating individuals and fostering a cooperative environment. We see no competition, only collaborators in excellence. Be where you are celebrated, not just tolerated.

Our Vision

Collaborate with the best in industry to provide unmatched training and development for professionals 

Our Values

We believe in the unmeasurable weight of expert guidance.

Trust. Community. knowledge.

Our Mission

We are independent thinkers, innovators, and interest-free to those who are.

We experiment excellence

Meet The Talent

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Rola Mansoor-Lloyd

Rola, a certified executive coach with 25 years of global experience offers innovative coaching sessions that drive organisational change. Her workshops equip leaders with the tools they need to succeed

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Alor Training

Coach /Trainer

Dr. Andrea Murray

Dr. Andrea Murray is a distinguished veteran in computer science, boasting over 25 years of expertise in IT.

Renowned for mastery in System Analysis, Databases, and Software Architecture With a dedication to personalised education and unparalleled communication prowess, she drives a total learning experiences as a revered Professor in a premier IT program.

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Tamara Khoury latest photo_edited.jpg

Coach /Trainer

Tamara Khoury

 Tamara is a contracts & tenders director with over 20 years of oil & gas experience in top MNC.

Expertise: Negotiating complex contracts, managing global tenders, and leading contract teams. Proven ability to ensure client satisfaction and regulatory compliance.

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Man Sitting with a Tie

Coach /Trainer

Phillip Lord

Top leader at a leading NGO, leverages his financial and management expertise to drive impactful change.  His financial acumen ensures donor funds maximize social good, while his talent management fosters a collaborative, results-oriented environment.  Philip's leadership is a valuable asset to the non-profit sector.

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Coach /Trainer

Maher El Moussa

Experienced professional pilot with a passion for safety and efficiency. Over 18 years in the aviation industry, specializing in various aircraft including Boeing 787, 767, and Embraer models. Strong advocate for Crew Resource Management, aiming to enhance decision-making processes. Holds degrees in Aviation Flight Management and Aerospace Engineering. 

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