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Bespoke Programmes

Course Details


Alor offers Bespoke Programmes that are uniquely tailored to match your business needs.

This option is perfect for businesses wanting to up-skill and bridge missing knowledge and skills gaps within their team.

With our bespoke programme option, you can design a course which will:

  • Help your team retain knowledge through understanding intuitive learning styles.

  • Engage in stimulating and practical-based workshops with an enjoyable steep learning curve.

  • And develop skills to leverage tools and strategies to achieve your business goals successfully.


Set up your specialised workshop by following our simple process, Book your FREE consultation session to learn more about how we can help you curate a programme to accelerate your business success, starting today.


Unlock Your Potential

Unlock the potential of your team with our comprehensive corporate training programms. From leadership and communication to risk management and sustainability, we offer bespoke courses to elevate your organisation.

Explore Our Corporate Training Specializations


With our bespoke solution you can tailor-make a training programmes to best address your specific business needs and meet your professional goals.

Leadership & Communications

Develop effective leadership behaviours and master communication strategies with our Leadership and Communication Programme, curated to help you foster stronger collaboration across teams and build purpose-driven organisational success. 
Location: Mayfair or Online 
Duration: 2 Days 

Risk Management & Finance

Mitigate risks and optimise financial strategies with our specialised Risk 
Management and Finance Programme filled with enriched knowledge and techniques to ensure your business’s stability and growth throughout any climate. 
Location: Mayfair or Online 
Duration: 2 Days 

Negotiation & Arbitration

Master the art of Negotiation and Arbitration with this Programme designed to equip your team with the tools to navigate complex deals and conflict resolution tactics effectively. 
Location: Mayfair or Online 
Duration: 2 Days 

Law & Contracts

With our Law and Contracts Programme you will gain expert knowledge in legal frameworks and contract management, helping you to minimising legal risks and ensure your ability to have smooth, professional and compliant business transactions. 
Location: Mayfair or Online 
Duration: 2 Days 

ESG & Sustainability

Enhance your corporate social responsibility through embracing Environmental, Social, and Governance principles (ESG) and Sustainability into your business practises. Learn about how you can foster these practices and transition your business activities into sustainable ones, for long-term corporate value. 
Location: Mayfair or Online 
Duration: 3 Days 

Cybersecurity & IT

Protect your organisation from cyber threats with our Cybersecurity and IT Programme, diving into how you can harness the power of IT solutions to optimise operations and secure your digital assets. 
Location: Mayfair or Online 
Duration: 3 Days 

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